General Store

generalstoreMost every community across the US had a General Store where a person could buy a coke, candy, or a bolt of cloth for a new Sunday dress. The General Store was also a gathering place to discuss the world’s problems and find “solutions”. It was also a place where mail could be sent and received. The General Store at Denton FarmPark is just as these that were described. The store as well as post office were moved to the Park in 1978 and restored. It came from the community of Jackson Hill, approximately 8 miles from the Park. In the community of Jackson Hill, the General Store was known as the Everhart-Loflin Store. Once inside, the layout is very simple. Its various items for purchase can be easily seen by both the clerk as well as the customer. The post office is located in the back of the store. It is a typical setup for those in the rural areas of the 19th and early 20th centuries. People from the area could come and receive their mail from their post office box, buy stamps, mail letters, and receive packages. The wonderful aspect of this post office is that it is still in operation! Its operation was initiated by the US Postal Service in 1988 as historical observance and as a service for collectors. Its hours of service are posted on the window during the Southeast Old Thresher’s Reunion. It is one of only a few open on the Fourth of July! You can purchase postcards and special envelopes while having them stamped with a pictorial cancellation that is used ONLY during the 5 days of the Southeast Old Thresher’s Reunion. Each year, the cancellation stamp depicts a different antiquity at Denton FarmPark. When the show concludes each year, the stamp is retired to the National Archives. The postmark is truly a collector’s item!

Records indicate that the Post Office in Jackson Hill, NC was established in 1830. It was moved into this building in 1901. It stayed in this building for 60 years, but in 1961 moved to a standalone building on NC Highway 8. Thirteen years later in 1974, the US Postal Service closed the Jackson Hill Post Office and consolidated its services with the Denton Post Office. Before being moved to the Denton FarmPark, the store served a vital role within the community. It served as the Jackson Hill Precinct for voting purposes until the 1970’s when it moved to the South Davidson Volunteer Fire Department. The original voting booths are preserved in the General Store.

The content of the store today consists of antiques, which are not for sale. However, if you want to purchase some old-fashioned hoop cheese, crackers, or a glass bottled Coke, it can be found here. All sorts of Southeast Old Thresher’s Reunion souvenirs can be purchased here as well.