The Machine Shop

Beside the Service Station stands the Machine Shop. Inside, one sees the early 20th century machine tool technology in operation. Most of the tools were donated to Denton FarmPark by Vaughn Smith of Woodruff, SC. The line shafts and belt system are examples of how factories were powered before the advent of electricity became available. Such systems would have been powered by a single steam engine, and even prior to that, waterpower.

The display of machines represents what a fairly well equipped working machine shop would have looked like in its time period. The display includes lathes for turning round stock, planers, shapers, and mills for machining flat surfaces, drill presses for making holes, as well as boring mills for machining inside of cylinders or other large round holes. There are also grinders for metal removal. There is a broacher that makes grooves in holes. There is a harness hole puncher, a saw blade sharpener, a plow tip sharpener, an automatic screw machine, and an air compressor. It contains approximately 30 machines that have been restored and are operational.