Park Rules


PLEASE cooperate with us in that respect. Please refrain from boisterous activity and making loud noise, especially late at night After 11:00 and from language which may be audible to and offensive to your neighbors. It is in consideration of all campers that management reserves the right to eject those whose behavior is deemed to be repeatedly and unacceptably offensive. We ask that campers inform the management if this occurs. No campers will be allowed to park after dark.

  1. Campsite checkout time is 11 a.m. on the day following the last day you have paid for. Unless circumstances permit or special arrangements have been made for later check-out, an additional day will be charged for occupying a campsite past check-out time.
  2. Event activity includes Train Rides so please check before crossing the Rail Road tracks and NEVER stop on the crossings!
  3. Golf carts, gators/mules and lawnmowers are the only vehicles allowed to be ridden inside the park. NO 3-WHEELERS OR 4-WHEELERS, No Mini Bikes, or Dirt bikes ALLOWED.
  4. NO-ONE is allowed to ride Up OR Down the PIT at anytime!!
  5. The hours that you can ride on the tram route and tractor row are 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. Tram route is marked on park map.
  6. You can ride the above said vehicles at any time in the wooded campground area as long as you do not block the tram route. You can also cut across the tram route to get to the auction, etc. Please do not ride any vehicles, except a scooter or electric wheelchair or PCV on the paved road at any time.
  7. Only licensed drivers permit operation of ANY TYPE of motor vehicles on park property. A licensed driver who remains within reach of the vehicle’s controls must accompany an unlicensed driver. No Bicycles, scooters or skateboards allowed on the paved road. Denton FarmPark will not be responsible for accidents.
  8. The paved walkway through the middle of the park will be closed to all vehicles during the five days of the Reunion. Access to camping areas is available by other roads.
  9. Refrain from boisterous activity and making loud noise and from language which may be audible to and offensive to your neighbors. Quiet time starts at 11:00pm!
  10. Bathhouses are provided for you convenience. Please help us to keep them as clean as possible.
  11. Signs designate dump stations. If you do not see one near your campsite, please check with attendant or at registration booth for its location.
  12. Do not deface, cut, drive nails or other objects into, or attach anything to trees. Our trees need their skin too.
  13. Pets must be on leashes if being walked around the park and remain on campsites the remainder of the time, and must be kept quiet. Please CLEAN UP AFTER THEM after they “use the bathroom”. Do not leave pets unattended outside. Pets are not allowed in bathhouses, unless they are service dogs. NO DOGS ALLOWED IN MUSIC AREA. If pets are not controllable and/or aggressive we will ask you to leave with them without a refund. You know your pets behavior so let’s keep a family friendly environment.
  14. Fires are strictly forbidden in grassed areas. All fires should be in a container off the ground
  15. All loose trash put inside container and bag trash put beside container. No dumping of wastewater on the ground, or you will be asked to leave the premises.
  16. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE PERMITTED. The sale of either on property is strictly prohibited.