SEOTR Tractor Ride

 Annual Tractor Ride  With “Gods Pit Crew”

June, 29th 2023 

The SEOTR Tractor Ride will Leave the park at 9:00 am on June 29th. Families, farmers, and friends from across the southeast will parade their tractors through the town to raise money for a special cause. Each rider will receive a t-shirt, goodie bag, and a lunch. Plan to meet at the South Parking Lot • 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 29, 2022 • 4259 Handy Road, Denton, NC

This Years Beneficent for the Tractor ride is God’s Pit Crew 

Gods Pit Crew is based out of Danville V.A.. They are a non-profit organization committed to bringing hope, healing, and restoration to people in need after natural disasters like hurricanes or tornados. Founded in 1999 Gods Pit Crew

has become one of the most effective disaster relief organizations in the United States. We are truly honored!

This is their statement:
Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry! In 2022, over 200 new volunteers joined our crew! We now have over 900 volunteers who served over 150,000 hours this year! When you volunteer with God’s Pit Crew, you are helping to transform the lives of people who are in need. Visit our website at Please join us below in thanking our dedicated volunteers for their service to God’s Pit Crew!

They have something called the Blessing Bucket program and had their volunteers assemble 2,064 Blessing Buckets in just a few hours in December of 20

22! Also In 2022, GPC distributed over 30,100 BLESSING BUCKETS, breaking our previous record! They are so grateful for the positive impact these Buckets have had on so many people’s lives. It would not be possible to do this without the support of every volunteer who has assembled a Blessing Bucket. This is in addition to the donors and supporters who donate and support!


Tractor Rider: $30 (per person)

Tram Rider: $40

Registration: 7:30 a.m.- 9:00 a.m.

Ghost Rider: $35 (in honor or in memory) *shirt mailed

The Auction will be Thursday June 30th,2022 at 6pm in the music hall During the Show.

Tractor Ride Rules


Because of the length of the ride, the number of riders, and the varying road conditions, we ask that the following rules be followed:

  1. All riders between the ages 12 – 17 must have a parent/adult guardian sign the waiver. Otherwise a valid driver’s license is required.
  2. All riders must register prior to the start of the ride
  3. All riders must sign a waiver of liability before starting the ride
  4. Leave room for traffic to pass – space out a little every 3-4 tractors
  5. Use common sense – no passing on blind corners on the gravel
  6. Follow posted signs on the highway
  7. Obey traffic laws – no alcohol, stop at stop signs, etc.
  8. One rider per tractor, unless there are multiple seats or an approved trailer with seats attached to the tractor; each rider whether tractor driver or rider must pay registration fee and sign waiver.
  9. We ask that everyone have a good time and be courteous of fellow riders and traffic that is encountered.
  10. If you’re traveling alone, please leave an emergency contact number with a fellow rider in the event of an emergency.
  11. Several riders carry tow chains in case your tractor can’t make it back under its own power.

Tractor Ride Route


Leaving the Denton FarmPark South Side- Turn Right on Handy Road

Turn Right on Cranford road

Turn Left on Piedmont School rd

At stop sign- turn Left HWY 47

Turn Right on Sexton rd

At stop sign turn Right on Farmer Denton Rd

Stop at Farmer Methodist Church

Turn Left on Old HWY 49

Turn Right on Brantley Gordon Rd

Turn Left on Valley Farm Rd

Turn Right on HWY 47

Turn Left on Skeen Rd

Turn Right on Cranford rd

At stop sign turn Left on Handy Rd

Turn Left back at the Denton FarmPark


22 miles


Proceeds will go to Gods Pit crew

If you would like to be a sponsor for this ride you can fill out the form in the link below (Sponsor/ Tractor Ride Form)

Print Sponsor/ Tractor Ride Form Print Tractor Ride Release Form




Auction Items




Ride Sponsors: