Handy Diesel Locomotive

1949 70 Ton Diesel General Electric Locomotive – AKA 202

The Handy Diesel Locomotive was brought to Denton FarmPark in 2006. It is a 1949 70 ton Diesel Electric built by General Electric Locomotive Division. This engine is known as 202 here at the FarmPark. It has 600 HP Cooper Bessemer 6 cylinder engine and weighs 140,000 lbs. The diesel was restored by the Denton FarmPark staff and volunteers back to its original delivered color and road name number 202 High Point, Thomasville and Denton Railroad. This engine worked most of its life within five miles of the Denton FarmPark daily. 202 Is mostly famous here at the park for the Country Christmas Train, because that’s the engine that is pulling for the Handy Dandy Railroad during that event. The Diesel engine is available for other events at Denton FarmPark and be sure to contact the Office to book the diesel for your next function.



If you would like to donate or sponsor 202 please contact us.